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The independent republic of Trinidad & Tobago comprise the most southerly part of the Caribbean archipelago. Trinidad is only 7km from Venezuela and was actually part of the South American continent until it broke away thousands of years ago.

Tobago is located 12° north of the equator and, as a result, has remarkably consistent temperatures, making it an ideal holiday destination all year round.

Tobago’s international airport enjoys regular flights from Germany, the United Kingdom and an increasing number of other countries. Frequent airbridge flights from Trinidad and other local Caribbean islands, like Barbados, mean it is becoming increasingly easy to get to Tobago, which still remains largely under-developed and has avoided the worst excesses of commercial tourism.

Almost all of Tobago is covered by the oldest protected rainforest in the Western hemisphere. Beautiful waterfalls with ponds invite you to swim. Dreamlike near-deserted beaches make your Caribbean dream holiday become a reality.

Bird-watching, water-sports and trekking are some of the most popular holiday activities on Tobago. Otherwise, simply relax … and take it easy!

We would be delighted to help you arrange flights from Germany to Tobago.

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We also recommend Tobago Sea Kayak Experience as a wonderful way to experience the natural beauty of Man O' War Bay and Tobago's beautiful shoreline.


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